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The Authentic Boba Drink Experience

We Are The #1 Boba Experience in Sanpete

Our experienced bobaristas follow precise recipes and standards to create exceptional boba drinks. We use only the tastiest ingredients, carefully measured to ensure that each drink is crafted perfectly. We also use only the highest quality boba, prepared with exact specifications to ensure the best taste and texture.

In addition to providing exceptional drinks, we are also committed to ethical practices. We source our ingredients from suppliers that follow the highest standards of practice, and we ensure that our bobaristas are well-trained in proper health and safety procedures. Our commitment to ethical practices helps us to provide the highest quality boba drinks for our customers.







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Favorites From Our Menu

Whether you're looking for a quick pick-me-up or a special treat for yourself, Chat Chat Boba tea is the perfect choice. Our drinks are great for any occasion and are sure to bring a smile to your face. Stop by one of our stores today and enjoy a cup of delicious bubble tea!


Strawberry Bannana Boba tea $6.50

Real strawberry bliss, and add your choice of boba.

Pina Colada Boba tea $6.50

Real Pineapple bliss, and add your choice of boba.

Vanilla Oreo Boba tea $6.50

Real vanilla and Oreo crumble bliss, and add your choice of boba.

Mango Boba tea $6.50

Real Mango bliss, and add your choice of boba.


Strawberry Boba tea $6.50

Real strawberry and bananas, and add your choice of boba.

Coconut Boba tea $6.50

Coconut, milk, and your choice of sweetener. add your choice of boba.

Lavender Boba tea $6.50

Lavender milk blend with your choice of sweetner and add your choice of boba.

Chai Boba tea $6.50

Classic Chai tea blend, and add your choice of boba.


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Chat Chat Boba - Sanpete

Why Our Friends Love Us!

Google Review

Love chat chat boba! The brown sugar milky (non-dairy) was delicious. We also tried the smoothies and soft pretzels. Happy all around! Fun environment and we were just fascinated by the sealed lids on the cups. Lol!

Taylor Rosecrans

Excellent Food And Service

It was my first time here, the staff was super friendly when I asked for a recommendation. I usually prefer a wintermelon drink but that day I was feeling something fruity and without a doubt the staff nailed it. Drink I got: A large strawberry smoothie with aloe jelly

Cindy Giang

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Our Bobaristas are committed to the highest level of boba tea ethics and strive to provide consistent quality with every cup.

  • 9 N Main St, Ephraim, UT 84627

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